Guns List II


The guns currently in the game are way too powerful and just don’t fit the setting. I think they should be completely unable to be crafted from scrap. Rather you find these modern military weapons in relic condition although they are very rare. You can then salvage the weapon and potentially find a part that can still be used. Once you find all the parts you need you can then assemble them into the final product. BUT here are a list of weapons i think should be craft able:

Two variants of shotguns:

1878 Coach Gun

Model 1887

Three variants of rifles:

Dreyse Needle Gun

Mondragón Automatic Rifle

Winchester 1873

Two variants of handguns:

Bochardt C-93 Semi-auto Pistol

1860 Colt Revolver

Some general changes to guns in general:
-Guns can now jam when reloading (to avoid unfair death)
-A peek mechanic
-You can bash with the weapon pushing your enemy back and bluuring their screen (if it’s a player)
-Guns give off much more smoke when shot obscuring vision (because they use black powder)
-You need to craft the individual parts of each weapon, the more powerful the weapon is, the more parts it will need
-Ammunition is harder to craft
-You need certain tools to craft each gun

Tell me what you guys think! What do you agree and disagree with? Post your ideas below.

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Fixed it! thanks

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we need a short to medium range automatic weapon if this is gonna be like fallout 3 or day z so players could tactically fight in most situations. m4 maybe?

why are all the guns old?

They are each the first in there weapon class. The first bolt-action rifle, the first lever-action shotgun, the first automatic rifle, etc. I picked these guns because they are also pretty much the simplest forms of each weapon archetype. Being simple is important because you have to realize you are crafting these weapons out in the wild, so it just makes more sense and they also look really cool.

Also, the Mondragón Automatic Rifle essentially replaces the role of the M4.

but cant you just find parts from actually new guns though?

Are you saying based off my idea? if so yes, but it is very hard to achieve. Also, i think the amount of these weapons should be limited, causing people to fight over them. Just another idea.

If the game has a 1860 revolver added. I will patent the recipe, so none of you bastards can get it.

Another suggestion. I know the game is in alpha and that they will add a lot of shit in the game later on.
But still.
How about we get something like more custom mods. For example, when you have a spear, ( Not saying the game has or should have a spear ) that’s made out of basic rock/metal, wood and rope, you can add duct tape to it to make it more durable.

Maybe add some cloth on the tip of the spear and soak it with bleach to make it more deadly, ( Acts like poison, keeps hurting you after the hit, or makes you more vunerable )

It would be great to see something like this in the game, as it adds more variety to the weapons, more time to consider your attacks, and more risk of attacking someone. And ofcourse, more ways to kill someone.

Another off topic suggestion, Ghillie Suits!!!

I’ll just quote myself on this one:

IMO Homemade guns > old guns, at least for Rust.

seeing as the game revolves around making your own guns, i’d prefer to see homemade guns be craftable and guns found in supply crates, loot zones, etc can be more based on old guns, but cannot be crafted

Something tells me a 19th century Prussian breechloading musket that uses an extremely rare ammunition would not be a common thing in this game setting.

This is suppose to be a survival game not a Cod.

Agreed, guns should be the most important items and rarest Items in the game (at least rifles and long barrel guns). Way to much shotguns in the game.


I look at this as being present day and slightly ahead. The location I picture like the US. So, it wouldn’t be crazy to see semi auto rifles and pistols all over. Even crafted weapons could reasonably be AR and AK variants. I can make an AR from scratch if I had the parts.

I’d like to see a more in depth system that isn’t just # of metal. I’d also like to see crafting queued up longer. A gun even just to reassemble takes longer than it does ingame.

… of course it does, and I am sure that practically everyone know it.
But man it is a game ffs not some sim like Arma. (And I fuckn love Arma)
Nevertheless I agree that they should elaborate (and they will) the crafting system.
But don’t talk about reality.


Welcome to 1920s guys! I’d like to see a more unique way of crafting guns and guns but let’s not go back in time.

Are you forcing them to drink the bleach when you hit them>?

Adding niche post Civil War guns though interesting, doesn’t seem relevant to the in game political climate. Where as far as lore, would all these guns come from? Is there really that many collectors out there that would flood the post-zombie militia gun market?

It’s my immagination, it’s really fucked up :D. But it doesn’t have to be that, just a example :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow… These would fit the game perfectly. Since making some really nice weapons with some metal fragments requires factory level equipement and crafting skills.

I think the guns we have now are fine just need to be harder to craft by building parts to a whole.

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Wow… These would fit the game perfectly. Since making some really nice weapons with some metal fragments requires factory level equipement and crafting skills.

That is a stupid reason to take something out of a game… A game isn’t real life. If you want to play a game about real life, walk outside and go get a job.