Guns not appearing, steam workshop, random text problems, prep times TTT

I have three problems right now, probably rooted somewhere that I dont know of since I just got my TTT server up and running

1)(SOLVED) For some reason when I pick up a gun it says I have it in my Slots, but when I go to equip it, it is invisible, only the crosshairs show. (/SOLVED)

  1. How do I connect the maps I downloaded off of steam workshop to my after map vote map master thing and how do I activate my after round vote map master thing. By default after every round it loads up the default map instead of going to that.

  2. I wish to change the texts that pop up in the center of the screen and that pop up in the chat during game play. A lot of them are pretty useless.

  3. (SOLVED)I also would like to change the prep time, pre round time, first enter preround time, and after round time (SOLVED)

Add me on steam and we can compare our addons to see what is causing this issue (I have it too).

  1. Verify your game, cannot replicate
  2. Contact the author of your map vote addon
  3. Type !menu in chat and go to the options
  4. All of those settings can be found here:

How’d you solve this one? I’m having the same issue.

I honestly did nothing, it literally fixed itself. I have no idea why.

Don’t you think it’s strange that many people are having this issue? Or are you going to endlessly repeat yourself.

Obviously if someone on a vanilla game cannot replicate the issue, then it means that there’s an addon or corruption of default files causing it. I’m endlessly repeating myself until people test their shit

Okay! So it is the Damage Logs. If you have damage logs installed on your server than for some reason it hides the guns. I addressed this in