Guns on Deathrun maps not spawning?

Many times in Deathrun, killing the death consists of CS weapons that usually spawn at the end of maps. However once I reach the end of a map on my Deathrun server that I know has CS weapons, they simply aren’t there.

I am assuming this means my server requires CS Realistic Weapons addon or something similar. Can someone please confirm / correct this? Thanks.

Are you talking about normally on a CS:S server these weapons are there? If so then this means you need to code your own weapons and set their spawns at the end of the map.

Sorry, I should specify it’s on Gmod. Maps such as deathrun_poker_final5 have CS:S AK-47s that spawn at the end.

You will need to recreate the weapons with the same entity name of the gun that spawns at the end of the map or it wont be there.

Alright. How do I find the map’s weapon’s entity names?

Well if the server tries to spawn the entity but cant find it, im pretty sure it prints it into console what it tried to spawn