Guns should be completely removed for now.

Guns should be completely removed until suitable, more balanced weapons, are developed. More weapons like the bow and arrow which require luck and some amount of “skill” to use should be implemented, with maybe 1 or 2 extremely rare weapons which can give you kills by point and click like the guns do currently. Removing the guns now would significantly lower the KOS rate because the bow and arrow is much easier to avoid than a shotgun is, and it would introduce more tactical combat, instead of packs of powerful people just mowing down rockies and lower echelon players. I don’t know what other weapons would go in instead of them, for that I would appreciate some creative input… Magic may be out of the realm of Rust, but weapons which require cooldowns/warmups or implement different mechanics other than simply using M1 would be vast improvements.

I’d like Rust to be a caveman sort of thing as well, though I think they should keep the weapons in for now. Since this is an alpha, we don’t know where they will, or want to take the game. And testing out how it handles both ancient and modern weapons will further this goal.

Mm, I do believe guns are a crucial part of the game, but survival is even more important.

I wish there was an AWP so we could do like 360 quikscoping and all that :slight_smile:

^^ joke


I could go either way on this. The benefits mean that even newbies have a better chance for survival, but the detractor is you cannot protect yourself from hostile NPCs, though this could also add to the challenge. For now though, I feel they should stay since people enjoy the gunplay better than the melee play (which is a clusterfuck at the moment.) therefore, before this could ever happen, melee combat would have to be fixed.

I just hate that the game plays more like call of duty than a tactical shooter, like arma.
I run pretty much solo and it really really sucks that my positioning and skill doesn’t matter because the enemy can instantly place down walls and heal gunshots while hiding behind the instant walls with chicken and bandages and shit. it’s super annoying because groups of 5-10 people will beat me no matter what, i can’t kill that many people it’s just not possible even if they suck because of the games mechanics. I love the gunplay in dayz not because of the snipers, but because if i position my self correctly and use my terrain to my advantage i’ll win the fight every single time EVEN if the enemy outnumbers me 1 to 2.

TLDR: Game plays like call of duty and gunshots can be healed with chicken ./rant

ahahah that’s got to be the most ridiculous comparison i’ve ever read.

but you are right about people being able to instantly plop down walls, which i would have to believe will be dealt with in the future

Gunshots can be healed with food and medkits but it’s not instant.

If you don’t want to get killed by 5 people, then you just can’t be solo. Strength in numbers. It’s less true in Day Z because bullets don’t have a limited range in ARMA 2. Engagements in Rust are much more close quarters.

There are a couple quality of life things like the instant walls and stuff, but I bet that’s pretty low on their list of priorities.

its garry we are talking about here

Yeah, true. Besides I’ve only ever seen one person lay down an instant barricade in my 24 hours of gametime, and we had like 4 dudes so we could just surround him anyway. It’s a pretty expensive and wasteful tactic especially if you’re smart and use already available cover (trees, rocks etc).

Can’t agree more with you, I’d even be happy with medkits healing their 50% / 100% respectively after a short 3 - 4 second cast. This would make using them require you to find a safe spot in combat and bunker down to staunch your wounds.

The way they work now is boring, its more balanced than a health potion type system, but its dull none the less. Sometimes i kill people carrying 3 - 4 stacks of these things. They must have figured they would be waiting around a lot for 3 hp to heal every second

if anything they should just nerf the magazine size like down for all rifles say to 10 for the M4 and half for the MP-5 (sorry I don’t know the mag size for the MP-5) and add uber rare extended magazine upgrade. I don’t think the pistols or the shotgun should be removed

Because that makes sense… I forgot how all the magazines have 10 rounds…

I think it would be interesting at least to try Rust without guns, maybe via server side option?

Instead they could add more stuff like:

  • knifes
  • spears
  • crossbows
  • different kind of bows (small bow fast to shoot, but not powerful, big bow slow but powerful etc.)
  • ability to throw rocks

No, No, No, No, NO! Guns are a big part they just need to add a lot more variety and more hand weapons also a lot more mods would be nice too.

the rifles as u know them I am sure will be out and replaced with weapons such as the bolt action rifle that is currently under development if I am not mistaken.