Guns should jam

The guns are made from crap that you could find in a backyard but have the reliability of a mofo.

Even the bullets are made from scrap metal, and you carry them around in your anus for god knows how long until you poop out a magical magazine.

If they’re going to be that reliable at least make the barrel heat up so you can stab a piece of wolf meat on the end. And have it ready by the time you’re done gunning down some scrublords.

This is my dream

you know, whenever it is suggested “make guns jam” in any game, I normally think "No. Just No. " bit in Rust, I think it may actually fit well for the AK only (maybe the thomson as well) since there is no downside for the AK. It’s the undisputed king weapon with better damage, fire-rate, ammo capacity, and range. It’s like the knife in ghosts and goblins. 0 point to any other weapon.

So yea. I Second the notion to make gun-jamming a thing, BUT only on full-auto weapons. (or at least more common on full auto.)

When jammed, i suggest the player just does a reload cycle to fix it.

This would be a good idea.

I’ve also suggested having 2 tiers of weapons:

  1. Factory made high end weapons recovered from the military air drops and Radtowns.
  2. Home made or reverse engineered weapons, made by hand.

The Tier 1 weapons would, logically, jam a bit less than their home-made counterparts.

if any gun jams, i think all of them should. but the %chance should be checked per bullet fired (coding nightmare i know, but more realistic). this would mean an ak unloading would have a high chance of jamming, while a pistol technically has the same chance, but checked less times per minute.

It makes sense because all the guns are slammed together pieces of scrap metal.

They are like the terrible bootleg guns produced in Pakistan.

The even more scrappy guns, like the eoka pistol, should even have a chance of blowing up in your hands and dealing damage.

It makes sense realistically, but you always have to consider gameplay vs. realism.

Nobody wants a gunfight to be determined by RNG and not skill. I don’t care if it’s a survival game or not. Just IMO.

I disagree. the Eoka is bad enough as it is, without inherently killing its creator.

The issue I see with that, is some home-made mechanisms are more likely to jam than others. I.E. a bolt-action may jam once in a 1,000 shots, due to its simplicity, while a full auto mechanism would jam closer to 1/100 shots (needs balancing. maybe 1/200, making shooters think before they just spray-and-pray around a corner. when you get out of cover to lay down suppression fire, your weapon could suddenly jam, leaving you running to cover while reloading.