Guns still not working on NPCs.

This should be in the right section, now.

Anyway, I’m still having the same problem. None of my guns do any damage to NPCs. However, it’s just guns. Melee weapons work just fine on them. Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention last time: guns aren’t killing me, either. They don’t do any damage. Once again, melee still does damage, but nothing gun-related.

Would anybody happen to know why this is happening? Any addons, LUA viruses, anything that could do something like this. Some help would be very much appreciated here, as this is seriously aggrivating me.

No seriously, I really need help with this.

Hmm…Did you try the command for weapon damages? I think its like plr_sk_(weapon)_damage.

The command is probably wrong, i havent used it in ages. Look up the command on google.