Guns - Throw them, and use them for Melee?

Okay, imagine this, you just wasted your last clip of ammo, but didn’t get the job “done”
Well, now that you’re in posession of a gun with no ammo, left mouse button is a melee attack, where you swing your gun. However, if you push right mouse button you’ll aim it, and as you’re aiming it left mouse button throws it. The damage isn’t going to be A LOT, but it’s an option.
I’m not sure if this would be easy or hard to implement though.

Hi UnderHyped,

I wouldn’t mind seeing a feature to be able to throw a specific pistol (E.g Eoka Pistol, Revolver, Semi-Automatic Pistol) via clicking RMB (Right mouse button), whereas players are able to throw specific tools (E.g Hachet, Rock) so I wouldn’t see a reason why not add the ability to throw specific pistols as well.

I don’t think assault rifles and/or heavy weapons should be able to be thrown as it defeats the purpose of realism in my opinion, unless they create an ability to throw a tool/weapon a specific distance depending on it’s weight. But I guess we’ll have to see what else the developers have next in line for us!

It’s not as if people are going to go around chucking assault rifles at your heads for the lols :stuck_out_tongue:
It’d be funny as hell tho when someone does it out of desperation, and that rare person actually gets a kill cause they chucked their assault rifle at your dome.

That’s correct.

I guess it probably wouldn’t defeat the purpose of realism if you were to throw an assault rifle at someone’s head…

At least it’ll sneak either a laugh or two in probably gaining an achieviment for killing a player with impact from a thrown AK47. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea now, hey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, for streamers and youtubers, it’ll make good highlight clips lol.

Oh, definitely! You’ll make a fortune out of a few highlight clips when you’re either a streamer and/or YouTuber.

Who knows, probably the FaZe clan will shift from Call of Duty and onto Rust hopefully to hit some trickshots. I wouldnt mind seeing some of that in action!