Guns: Which ones and how they should work (suggestion)

The guns currently in the game are way too powerful and just don’t fit the setting. I think they should be completely crafted as something you can craft. Rather you find these modern military weapons is relic condition but they are very rare. You then salvage it and you could find a part that can still be used. ONce you find all the parts you can assemble them into the final product. BUT here are a list of weapons i think should be craft able:

Two variants of shotguns:
-A double barrel shotgun
-A pump-action shotgun (based off the WW2 remington shotgun)

Two variants of pistols:
-A model similar to what is already in the game (that is based of the colt 1911)
-A revolver (based off the colt 45)

Two or three variants of rifles:
-A Hunting rifle (bolt-action, good at range but can only be used with iron sights, based off the mauser)
-A Burst rifle (limited to a 3 shot burst, if fired off very quickly it will jam, based off the stg 44)
-Maybe the lever-action winchester repeater? what do you guys think

Some general changes to guns in general:
-Guns can now jam when reloading
-A peek mechanic
-You can bash with the weapon pushing your enemy back
-Guns give off much more smoke when shot obscuring vision
-You need to craft the individual parts of each weapon, the more powerful the weapon is, the more parts it will need

Tell me what you guys think! What do you agree and disagree with?

I disagree with the WW2 weapon theme, I mean theres a modern day bomber or some sort of plane that drops random stuff so…

wow… this is totally the first ever post ive seen about new guns and stuff around it!

I like it

But im talking about weapons that you craft. These guns have a much more simple design and aren’t so ridiculous.

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Anything you would change? I want this to be about the community

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wow… this is the first ever useless comment i’ve ever seen from someone complaining for no reason!

I did complain for a reason, becouse there is like 20 other topics under the rust section about these “add all of these new guns” ideas… and if u havent read the rules, a heads up that you may not post about basicly the same stuff over and over again…

The last post talking about weapons is on the fourth page of the forum. It is also talking about things completely different than this thread. Just because two threads use the word “guns” doesnt mean they are the same. There are new ideas in here so get your facts straight because you try to act like you know what you’re talking about.

You play to much black ops zombies, you need to realize Rust is apocalyptic survival game. Most of the guns will be today’s weapons, such as : Spaz 12, AA12, SCAR H, UMP, MP7, UZI, FAL, AK47, R700 (sniper from MW2), L118A, Remington 870, M16, F2000, Glock, Striker, M14, 5-7, M9, so on and so forth.

You dont quite understand the point. These are weapons that you are crafting in the wild. Modern-day weapons are very complex and give players to big of an advantage over others. I mean you start of naked with a rock for gods-sake. Also, if you refer to weapons as"R700 (sniper from MW2) i think you are the one who plays too much black ops. I have never owned any of those games and i never will. Please get off my thread.

Actually they are not really that complex.
Also the Game is in Alpha its to fix bugs and so on but not like add a Bazillion of Guns and Replace the Old ones be happy with what you got at the moment.

They are very complex especially for someone making it with their bare hands out in the wild. This is a suggestion for when it is appropriate to add it. The game revolves around pvp, if an aspect of it is broke then as alpha testers we should let the devs know.

they will be adding simple guns that require low quality metal, and there will be many processes to create guns like M4s in the future, so don’t get too attached to this currently shitty weapon crafting process

So what do you think? These military grade weapons are simply impossible to craft from scratch and its a little ridiculous. These weapons are at least a little better in my eyes.

I definitely like them, going with an older weapon approach, however I think that more of a hybrid, homemade modern/old weapon would be pretty damn neat. Also, more melee.

Definitely like a machete or a spear. Maybe even like a dodge move just to make combat more exciting. Also older weapons will give a cool tone to the game.

I think medieval weapons like bows, swords, knives would be more common then guns should be harder to find/craft

Those are really good ideas that are fit for ‘‘intermediate’’ weaponry:


I just want an Ak that would rip thru kevlar.

Thanks! Any suggestions?

Why no rocket/grenade launcher? =o