I heard a rumour that SOME guns will be removed completely, if so, which ones, and will they be replaced with anything?!

It aint a rumour they are removing “Guns” but not makeshift guns like the pipeshotgun. I heard that military weapons will be found still in airdrops though.

Cool, thanks man, that sounds good, tired of all the full kevlar kids with decked out M4’s running around.

Danifer is misinformed, there is no quote or source for his opinion besides other forum folk who heard it from other forum folk.

Could it happen, sure.
Is it scheduled to happen yet, no.

I was informed by a post by a forum mod/admin thats all my info i have. And some talk between devs if i remember.

But that doesnt mean the wont change there mind so we could be all wrong.

We are not devs so lets just wait and see and keep eyes on the trello till then.

No, it isn’t “scheduled” but it is a fact the devs have wanted them shifted out from the focus of the game for some time now.

Like I said it could happen, but it has not been confirmed and the game is in a fluid Alpha state.

If someone asks are they removing certain guns the correct answer is “I am not sure but they have discussed removing guns/making them rarer.” Garry did an AMA where he addressed this question and he was very noncommittal in his answer. Some people focus on the part where he states they might phase them out and then ignore the second part where he states they might be more difficult to obtain.

“Yeah. The realistic weapons are something we want to phase out. They were placeholder, it’s it’s kind of apparent that they kind of shouldn’t exist - and if they do they shouldn’t be so accessible.”

If you think that is a hard yes then you must believe most politicians.

Finally someone who refers to the whole statement and doesn’t just stop reading at them possibly being taken out.

Another reference is MaxOfS2D in a thread discussing the bolt action rifle when it first got implemented. He echoed the sentiment that they would like to make military guns so rare they become status symbols.

That aspect won’t be going anywhere.