This is just one of the many ships I’ve built. Most weren’t very good. But I kind of like this one.

Not sure if it’s practical as far as SB3 goes. It’s a shell other than a ring transporter and a fighters chair.

Holy wow, what did you make it out of?

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. It makes it so that you don’t have to click the links to view the pic. Anywho, its…big? it’s not really that interesting, to tell the truth. Unless it has some really unique feature, then it’s not gonna be well recieved as being a giant hunk of spacebuild parts. Try to start small, like building a small boat or plane or something. If it looks good, or has a cool new feature, then it will likely be reveiwed better.

Definitely has guns

Could have been bigger though…

does it fly or is it just a big peice of frozen sbep with guns?

although the layout is more creative than most.

I think you need some more guns on it. I can still see some of the ship between the guns.

the material and prop selection is wrong IMO. show a video of it flying or something

Are you sure you have enough guns on that thing?

SBEP makes it fail…

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I’m diggin the over all shape of the thing, looks especialy vicious from the front. Its a tight base, but going along the outside and adding just a few details to break up all the flat would give it a more polished look. Maybe moving some of the guns off the front to the side as turrets? Sat dishes? Random pointless outcrops?vary the paint job? Anyways just move it away from xwing vs tie fighter resolution towards eve online and its a winner

I like the shape but people are probably going to bitch about SBEP.

it’s SBEP but it doesn’t look terrible

looks like a mech torso from Chromehounds

You weren’t kidding when you called it a “Gunshp”…

Nice job. It’s one of the very few Gmod spacecraft I like.

How well does it fly?

Could use some more Dakka. Never enough Dakka…

Whas all this then? Sbmp? Good lord!

In all seriousness, don’t use sbmp, ever, it’s ugly and way too easy to build with, use vanilla, and maybe some phx in moderation.

You have 2 understand that using sbmp takes no skill, and anyone who has it could slap something like that together, build it from vanilla props and come back

A gunship is most commonly known as a helicopter with a shitload of guns on it. like an apache. that has the shitload of guns, but no helicopter. so rename it to SBEP SPAM.

P.S. might get banned for this.

This is probably better classified as a gunboat but those are usually at least somewhat maneuverable. I get the feeling that this turns like a… a… a… a grand piano! /lame


I was expecting a heli or a kickass VTOL craft…

Thats not a gunship…its a portable deathstar :smiley: