Gunski's Contraptions #3

Red Hotrod - 4x4 + turning, suspention

Blue Truck

Hummer H2

Offroad Buggy

Huge Ass APC - by me and Enginekrazy




these are all “pretty good”

you’ve got the whole looks like a car/vehicle/whatever thing down. Its just that they’re so fucking HUGE it makes me like them that much less

also, add some more vanilla props into the mix, just having all phx makes it seem somewhat bland and unoriginal


o yea offroad prototype looks badass now just make it smaller and youve got a winner

Wtf? Smaller? Fuck no! And I hate vanilla props.


just a suggestion

apc is tight

All pretty sweet, the gears sticking out of the front of the first one is a bit strange but other than that nice job.

Like the APC at the bottom too.

Added 2 more

The Offroad-Buggy reminds me of lego’s :stuck_out_tongue:

lulzy: “military THING” dont even know what it is ;p

they look nice, some are a little too large and blocky though. that buggy is really nice artistically.

As karbine said, Some of them look kind of blocky.
With the exception of the Buggy and the Hotrod, those are damn sexy.


insert fap emote here

fap emote inserted there

Offroad buggy, and the Hummer in my opinion are best good job on both of them!

Gunski, IMO I think we should make an Amusement park, better than your Youtube one.