[Gunslayer] Baby Doll

Finally finished my very first attempt at porting something. Granted, there’s a lot of stuff that’s outside my ability at this point (small seams on inside of forearms/thigh, for example) - but most of that can be ironed out in post production with the correct use of filters/editing software. The model has basic finger and face posing, decent overall flexibility, and all 8 pleats of the skirt (and both pigtails) are pose-able.

NOTE: The finger posing is a little borked, so turn RESTRICT AXIS OFF before using.

NOTE 2: Even if the yellow circle indicating “yes, this model has been selected for faceposing” doesn’t show up, it should still work without issue.

Tencent Inc for the original game model assets
SumireHaikuXNA for porting/conversion into XNAlara
Special thanks to mariokart64n for teaching me how to do this, step by step

Download - bare bones download, extract into models/materials folder.
Addon Version - Rastifan whipped this up to make the model easier to find. Might need that Legacy Addon tool found in the workshop to work right though.

those eyes look really weird
neat work though

Looks anime like! :smiley:

AHHH! She looks like a 10 year old

And the Japanese don’t give two fucks.

Gunslayer is a chinese game though, I think.

the fuck it matter for? theres some 10 year old hl2 kids around too, did you scream at those as well?

no, that’s where his guilt comes from.


her eyes

If the eyes weren’t so overly-stylized I’d download this.

Looks like a fish to me.

That whole model is just really creepy. It looks like a 10 year gold girl wearing super skimpy clothing and just her whole face looks like some weird mutant, it’s not even anime looking, it manages to goes even past that and just look like some… thing

didnt know 10 year olds had boobs and curvy bodies…

anyway good post for a first release, I woulda thought FP users download anything that has a gun in its hand but looks like they need some time to complain first.

it’s not a matter of age it’s a matter of the apparent age of a grossly oversexualized model.

so its not a matter of age?.. just a matter of age? alright.

I think he’s saying that age doesn’t matter, it’s just that the model looks a fuck of a lot like an oversexualized kid, and that’s some creepy shit right there

that and the fish eyes

The kids cut from hl2 had mop hair cuts and workers clothing, not fetish outfits.

Again, blame Japan and their oversexualised views of anime, manga. I mean look at the obsession with Japanese schoolgirls. Well they had to compensate for 1945, that and the technology they ship out.