Gunslinger fires revolver (Need help with smoke effects)

Please could I get some help on how to do smoke that isn’t terrible?

That smoke aint terrible, it looks fanstastic!

Posing is great.

I think the smoke fits the scene

The smoke is nice, but the smoke is faster than a speeding bullet! :o

Nice and nice revolver skin mate :smiley:

Don’t change the muzzleflash.

That’s one of the more realistic edits. It’s fine as it is, but like the other guys said, the smoke may need tweaking.

I forgot to say that the muzzleflash is superb

The posing and some effects are nice, but it looks like he’s shaking his hand in a “want a blowjob?” meaning…

the smoke needs to go more * POOF * instead of * woosh*.

M’kay? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it looks too peaceful.

The smoke is perfect, you delusional bastard.

To the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy is fanning the revolver, if that helps clear things up for you.

I think I understand, also thanks to everyone who says the smoke is fine, I’m just unsure how to make smoke look like it’s moving faster without motion blurring the hell out of it, I’m not happy with it. =(

Smoke is good, except, yeah, what mosquito said.

Also, I’d move that muzzle flash a little to the left.


Make the smoke go outward more, less wafting and more of a puff.