Guntank. Should I do it?

I’m thinking of making a guntank with this method of moving arms in mind.

I’m not sure exactly what scale to make it conform to. Lately I’ve been building relatively small unfinished mechs. If I build big, I don’t want it to be epic big. I’ve been gathering resources from images I found on the net for referencing the scale of it all.

Here is one of the few youtube videos I’m going to use for referencing:

I’d like to use Gcombat for all weapons. I think that would make it cooler.

If anyone thinks that I should start on a project like this, let me know.

Do it for lack of Gundam in contraption forums. and guts and courage. and awesome.


Fuck yes, i lvoe that thing, i wanted to buy a little model of him one day but i was broke. Darn.

it you want plenty of pictures for the Guntank, look at this page for reference


I got day banned for some reason. No matter. I plan on building a functional (no detail) prototype later tonight. Once I get the prototype working well, I’ll add the detail into it and make it look super awesome. I want to include jump thrusters into the Guntank design because it would be super incredible to do. I may just have the arms and shoulder cannons weld latch in place when ever the jump thrusters are active because I think that the addition (possible) movement would throw the whole thing off balanced. The Guntank will be the first of possible future Gundam builds from me. I grew up on gundam and I’m still a big fan.

Anyone else for hijacking this thread and having a Gundam building orgy?

I’m stoked to see what you come up with man, it seems like you have the basis for most of the working parts down, so add sexy shell and you have insta-win.

Half way mark update. Check out this quick teaser video I made.

if your going to try to simulate treads or use treads may i suggest using gears that are wider then what you are currently using

yeah. I know that the wheels are pretty thin. I was probably going to stacker a few wheels on top of each other to widen them out a bit. I’m also going to make a fake tread for the visible portion and leave the underside with nothing, but I’ll have to think about that.