GUP - Workshop uploader

I’m releasing my little program to upload add-ons to steam workshop.
Please comment and tell me what do you think.

Download Link on my website under software menu.

fuck this looks shit, and you have to include source code.

it’s a shit that works. :wink:

Do i have to post the source code?

No, but it helps.

No, you don’t. I think it looks fine; swagify420 just joined today with only two posts so I think he’s trolling.

That was what i thought. thanks.:smile:

Is it any better at updating without failing? Unless I’m behind the times and Garry actually fixed that issue.

It’s obviously whipped up quickly, but it will at least make it a bit more user-friendly to upload. Nice job.

I have not tested updating add-ons, only uploading new ones. but thanks for the tip.

Looks pretty interesting, Might give it a try today


“Download on my website” and you don’t even link it? XD

His website is under his name and post count.

Oh lol xD