Gurren Lagann Hex request

Can someone hex this and make it a usable model for Gmod?

It would be incredibly awesome if this can be done.

ha, i was gonna give that link but you already thought of it!

bumping request


bumping again. Is it a difficult task to take this skin and turn it into a model? If someone gives me instructions I could do it myself.

Bumping an old thread in hopes that someone will hex this.

How do you triple post? Shouldn´t it be auto-edit?

Editing a post doesn’t bump the thread itself.

I mean you are triple posting, how is that? I try to bump my GTA peds topic so someone says he is converting them but it just auto edits and its not in the first post

I don’t know.

I love TTGL, but that thing looks like crap.

Better than nothing.

Bumping request again.

Please, I assume something like this would be a cake walk to hex in contrast with other hexing/porting jobs that have been done.