Gurren Lagann - Simon's Core Drill

So yeah. I love Gurren Lagann a lot. It’s definitely one of my most favorite shows ever. I think the main reason it was unforgettable to me is because of the concepts and philosophy it had (spiral power and how drills symbolized things and whatnot). It’s not simply about how “epic” it was (but it was epic, don’t get me wrong), it’s more about how much thought was actually put in to the story and how well it was presented.

Enough of that. This thread will be a randomly-updated progress thread of a simple core drill model I’m making. Hopefully it gets some attention, although I’m not really sure how many people around here like Gurren Lagann, let alone anime.

Anyway, on to the WIPness:

This is my reference image:

And here’s my current progress. Just finished the hook for the necklace:

The prop is only gonna consist of like…3 different pieces. The base of the drill should be incredibly simple to make, really. Just a chamfered cylinder. The drill will be the only challenging thing for me to model. I have no idea how I’m going to model the threading on it. I don’t want to make a simple cone then rely on normal maps to define the threads. Normal maps look like shit in Source anyway. If anyone has any tips on modeling the threads, let me know. I’d love to learn how.


It’s a very simple prop, so don’t expect it to be super-complicated and detailed. I plan on compiling it for Source, with varying sizes and a few skins. I want to make a special version where it emits a pulsating, green light like in the show (which shouldn’t be difficult really). I may have a go at making a cartoony or anime-style skin as an alternative skin, for those who’d prefer that.

Lastly, I don’t plan on making a necklace for it. I really don’t see the point.

PS: Don’t request other models, like the gunmen or the characters. I don’t have neither the skill nor time to make such things.

Sorry, the img_thumb tags nor the media tags work for me.

This is sweet. Full suport.

Just a small update. Finished the basic shapes, now on to attempting to model the threads.


I wish we had an actual model of Simon or Kamina to use this on.

Unfortunately I don’t think a real Gurren Lagann game was ever made. I think there’s only been a shitty DS game and some PC game that never made it past the closed beta stage.

I would LOVE to see a 3rd person adventure game adaptation though.

Ether that or a 2d game with actual sprites. I have a web comic and I had to scrap a story point because there is on proper sprite sheet for Kamina.

Finally managed to create a decent drill. It’s not absolutely perfect and it’s kind of low poly, but it should do the trick for now.

So I guess the mesh is done. I’ve already unwrapped the base and hook. Now it’s just a matter of unwrapping the drill then texturing everything.

There’s an MMD Model of Yoko.