Gushing water?

How would I go about making water gushing out of, say, a broken glass window? Example, the beginning of Bioshock when you walk into that first tunnel, a piece of your airplane crashes into the wall and water gushes in. I thought an env_embers tied to an arch brush might work, but I’m not sure.

you would have to use an info_particle_system and perhaps create your own particle effect, interlopers has some nice tutorials on the particle editor.

Alright, and is that a brush entity?

point entity

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Just as a random thought, you could, in addition to the info_particle_system, also use a brush-based entity with a cheap water texture, perhaps a func_tracktrain with some path_track point entities to travel along. It might make it seem more full. Make sure the particles would be outside it though.

Water can’t move unless it’s a func_water_analog, meaning you have to use the shitty-looking water. You would get a better effect with a well-put-together particle effect.

I made a custom effect, but it only shows up when testing directly out of particle editor

I’m not an expert on particles, perhaps the tutorial on interlopers can help you…