Gustave goes on a curvy planetary expedition!

i love gustave

What a guy.

ah yes…

gustave… ys…GYSTAVE G!!!

Gustave is back?
Fuck yes.

Good God.

If you are so easily startled you should have been here back when Rambo 6 roamed this section.

Gustave is an asshole.
I love it.

Nice one.

God I have been wanting this model for the past year and a half

where the fuck are you guys getting it god damnit

What the fuck, I love this.

only i have it

always & forever

Now where can I download Gustave?

I can’t even find the microsoft movie making program it’s from, so good luck sucking 69015’s weiner.

Probably something to do with it being around since I was a kid. Man, those were the days…

I lold good pics tho’. That lil’ twat caused all that