Gustave goes on a trip!

See Gustave’s last adventure!


This one isn’t that funny.

sorry you feel that way

well… all he does is shoot people… The first one was rather funny.

what? that’s all he does in the first one too

I want that model! release date?

Gahahaha, memories of whatever the hell that program he’s from was called.

I wasted far too much time making retarded little movies in that.

I’m sorry for what I said, this is pretty fuckin’ funny. Have a :stuck_out_tongue: face.

Haha I loled

What game was he in again?

3d movie maker

When ever it get’s dark, I expect to see Gustave coming up behind me. This character is freaky.

This one is hillarious!

I can’t stop laughing at the wodden guys face!

Can you release the model?

Still the greatest comic in the universe.

Gustave also goes for a drive.

Make more about gustave please.

I’m thinking about it.

I used to make movies in this 3D Movie Maker game. Shit was creepy as fuck.

I am confused about how you got the model in the first place because you can’t rip the model with any program I know of because of the outdated software it ran on. :confused: