Guts are Tasty

Didn’t really intend to post this here, but after coming across the model (for my own perverted ends) the torn shirt immediately made me think of a scene like this. I’m pretty certain every zombie film has at least one person getting their belly ripped open and feasted on:

I haven’t done much editing before, but it took me a while to do this and it came out looking a lot better than I first intended. Again, sorry about the lame blood decals but I wasn’t originally intending for this to be a serious pose, and by the time I’d edited it, it was too late.
And no, I didn’t purposefully make it look like the zombie was raping her (he doesn’t even have any legs).

Shouldn’t this go to the Sex Pose Megathread?

Looks okay, but the face is still a bit transparent.

I guess it was inevitable.

someone likes guro i think.

Not really; just because there happens to be a pair of tits, doesn’t mean it’s sexual.

It usually does though.

and it just happens to be that the zombie is eating something of hers half way down her body.

lol just jokeing, youve got some nice editing there.

Hmm, I didn’t actually spot that. Still, if you look at it side on, his head is a good foot above her.

Dude, five second rule. :v:

From the ‘:v:’, I’m going to assume you’re being facetious. Also, rated you late by accident, have a heart instead.

It’s from a web comic:
I can’t find the original.

Oh, now I get it. I thought you were referring to the whole ‘don’t post something if it only took five seconds to make’.

I didn’t see the guts until 1 minute in… you know what I was looking at.

… And now while scrolling over I noticed she was pantsless.

Your good ol’ daily C&H.

Yeah well, there is a reason I covered that up.

No, it’s supposed to be a joke, zombies eating a corpse on the ground.

Yeah, I realize that now :v:

Not at the ugly zoey model (Default is best) but at the chest and the inside!
(As I’ve said before, gore fetish)

I think I’ll take that as a compliment :ninja: