Gut's From Berserk


My request is a model (Ragdoll) of Guts from Berserk + his sword.
I know the sword is already made, but it’s handle is WAY too big.

Appearance in a game:

Face - close up:

If you need more pictures write Berserk Guts in google images and you’ll find plenty.

Anyone that makes this will be my hero forever!

EDIT: FUCK I spelled the name wrong: It’s Guts without '.

No-one up for this? There is also a ps2 game. Is it possible to import the model?

Holy crap, they made a game out of that?
Jesus… I may have to buy that.
The manga/anime were friggin METAL!

It’s only in Japanesse and it’s only sold in Japan and playable on Japanesse bios on PS2. But I guess you can tweak with your PS2 a bit to get it working.

I made a request similar to this ages ago. There’s a Berserker armor mod for Oblivion which can be ported to Source no problem. I was actually trying to do it myself but I suck at ragdolling so it never turned out right. Unfortunately the files are on my old hard drive which is on the verge of dying. It’s hard as shit to retrieve data from it because it locks up Windows if I try to interact with any folders on it (I got a new hard drive obviously).

Anyway, if you want, you can download this Dragonslayer model I created (shameless promotion):

Note: The end of the sword was just stuck in the rock in Hammer.

Nice, I know about the sword, but the handle is a little to long don’t ya think? But otherwise thanks for making it. Atleast I can play with the sword lol.

just get somebody to port this;41482 and you got it . closed and fastest thing you could get

I’ve posted this model in the past and nobody did much with it. but i’ll post it again, maybe someone will port it for you

Oh wow, I can’t believe I never saw that before. I’m downloading this right away so I can play around with it. I don’t know how to ragdoll or anything so I can’t help you with turning it in to a character for Gmod. Sorry. :frowning:

Oh and about the handle to my sword model; I realize I made it much too long, but I never got around to adjusting it and now I’m afraid I may never get the chance due to my hard drive issue. I guess I could decompile it and fix it though.

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God…applying the textures couldn’t be more difficult. It’s mostly because they’re completely unnamed so I don’t have a clue what parts they’re for. It’s taking me forever to apply the right textures to the armor.

hm, thats weird I thought I had already assigned the textures when I uploaded it. sorry.

It’s fine. I think the only piece I’m trying to texture properly is the dagger on his waist, then he’s finished.

Honestly I don’t understand why they skinned the model this way. There’s so many pieces that could have used one texture. His head and neck consist of 3 different textures. So hard to manage.

on low power systems, it easier to load smaller textures, rather then one HUGE one. not to mention systems like PS2 are capped at a maximum texture resolution of 512x512…

don’t worry anything new these days is only about 1-3 maps max. though personally I still love these oldschool models.

Ah I see. Makes sense now.

I do love old school stuff like this as well though, even if it’s ugly at times.

Holy crap, if it’s ready for rigging in Source, PLEASE do this.
It would make my year.