Guy blowing up a police car with a rocket launcher/ smoke test

GTA IV inspired picture.

There is also a gnome in the picture try to find him :smiley:


Smoke looks too isolated and sharp. Need to blur it a bit. Also where’s the backblast?

Gnome is in the front passenger window of the white van in the shadows… not that hard to find…

now to the pose itself…

maybe its just me but that smoke looks really opaque
the explosion could me a bit bigger and with more debris
the cop closest the explosion wouldn’t be whole i don’t think
make sure to use AA there are a lot of jagged lines

over all its pretty good

What the console code for AA?

Yeah, the backblast would fuck him up.

I didn’t know if that rocket launcher would have a backblast or not.

All rocket launchers are bound to have backblasts

Pose is not bad, Imma say the rocket trail needs to be MUCH thicker, and the car being hit needs a shit load of debris.

Yup recoiless rifle alright needs a back blast and smoke needs to be opaque.