Guy firing his M3. [Edit Test]

Hey !

I’ve added shadows on his face, added some shells, the muzzleflash of curse, and the smoke. Enjoy my poor editings !

was expecting the shotgun m3 ah well.
muzzle flash is bad. the shell blur is nice the smoke isn’t

Yeah, my muzzle flash is strange…

it kinda looks like a tf2 muzzle flash, but I like it.

Pretty good posing. Stock should be a little further into his shoulder, but otherwise fine. The brass is a little too clumped together also. I don’t think that gun fires that fast.

Holly shit that looks awesome god damn.

The shells look really nice.

Grease Gun.

Pretty good looking picture. Maybe improve on the muzzleflash and space the shells out more.
Also, I don’t wanna share this image on Twitter.

Thanks guy, next time, it will be better :slight_smile:

Exactly what I was going to point out.