Guy hangs over a Bridge

Photoshop test really.


The Smoker tongue looks wierd and ugly but nice try.

Looks pretty epic tbh. It’s just the tongue that ruins this picture.


I like it a lot.

I like it.
And yes, the tongue looks like wood.

Told yah the tongue wasn’t good :confused:

Better tongue Has replaced the wooden one.
Sorry for the people that can’t see cubeupload but both file smelt/cram failed for me.

looks awesome

Bonus added

nice work dude, major improvements have been done everywhere :smiley:

Tongue looks a bit odd in places and the hands aren’t posed perfectly. Not bad though.

Reminds me of Dead Space.

i like them both very well done.

If the guy shoots the smoker, he falls to his dead.

i loled at the medics face in the bonus pic

Wow, nice bump dude…

I think the tongue looks fine

I really don’t like the way that guy is holding the pistol. it looks like he’s trying to snipe with it, which is something you don’t do with pistols.

I find it a nice picture.

Also - aaw, not this again…

What’s going on here.