guy in a suit holds zombie hostage

Eh, not my best work, but meh

*note that the zombie doesnt have the guts to bite a guy with magnum.

Looks good, but the fingers on the hand in front of the zombie and bent. xD Also his hand is clipping with the sleeve of his coat.

Why do people hold Zombies hostage? Just blow their brains out and get it over with.

Very Nice pose,his hand is clipping with his sleeve though.

the sleeve and the hands clips, and even if you hold it hostage its gonna bite you in your arm O_O

He isnt manly enough to bite his arm

…are you telling me the zombie is GAY?!! O_O

epic wtf moment

Maybe it isn’t a zombie. It could be a guy with swine flu who fell down his stairs and is bleeding. He has no idea that he is being held at gunpoint and won’t bite anyone.

OH GOD!..Mexicans! O_O

just kidding…or am i :ninja: