Guy in a wheelchair try to escape zombies.

A traffic jam and a remark that led to this.

to be honest the posing is a tad bad and the DOF sucks
but it made me lol hard…
so it deserves a 8/10 for this

Yes posing could have been done a lot better and when I get the hang of Photoshop, I can dispense of DOF. Didn’t get the illusion of speed I saw in my head.

Throwing looking nice and photoshop out of the window (and loled pretty good too)

i give it a 7/10

Been done before and better. **Much **better.

Alright, alright, sniggy noodles.

The blur is a laugh, the zombies posing is just as ridiculous. Map choice and skins are horrible.

Must of took… 15 seconds?

No ones that fast at making a picture in gmod and then put text in…

Someone can clearly sense sarcasm.

Hahahahaha, oh god. You get the dumb rating of the year.

I agree with Bigboom, you hardly put 2 seconds of effort into this and didn’t even render the blur. The longest thing to do was the text, amirite?

worst caption.

Urk. Forget this pic. It is horrible. Must have been temporary blind to post this. I came back one hour later and went. Wtf was I thinking:)

bah at least it gave some of us a good laugh
so i guess it was a bit worth it

I feel sorry for that guy.

Pretty bad, but A for effort.

another personal skin pose has escaped