Guy In My House?


Quick question, why is it that when I walked into my house a player by the name of “Yahoo” was standing there in my house while both my metal doors were closed staring at the ground and luckily i shot him right before he tried disconnecting. I’m curious on how the hell he got in because I have no open roof or anything and none of my house was blown up. Also none of my foundations or pillars are off the ground or anything like that, everything is flat, so I think he logged out there before my house was there? Idk. Well atleast I got a free metal door and also 182 fragments off him :D. Thanks and please respond.

Maybe he logged out there before you built there? And he just logged in and your base was where his log out spot was

Or did he use the foundation bug ?

ffs, the guy even said that his foundations are flat, granujo.

its likely that he just dc’d there like you mentioned.

do you have windows?

No, just a simple 2x1 with the only way to get in is 2 metal doors. He probably just logged there before I built there is my guess.

Lag-switched into your house from far enough away that it hadn’t loaded yet.

OK wtf, a second guy was in my house but in my loot room and we had like a 10 min battle, I dont know how. They somehow get in my house but like I said, it’s all flat, you cannot get under any pillars, nothing like that.

In my opinion you should just go somewhere else and make another base.

Otherwise it is pretty hard to understand what is the source of your bug :confused:


I logged in one day someone had stole my base xD, so I killed him with my pickaxe and stole his shit. That was fun. :slight_smile: