Guy is hacking everything! Got his info

Hi, this is the hackers steam ID: His in game name is also: …

It’s quite aggravating that anytime I go outside, this guy just has to no-clip around and aimbot me and my friends in 1 shot. Please do something about this and ban him- he’s been doing this for several days now and he wont quit!!! My friends and I have built to much of a life on that server, and we’re not about to back down just because this person has to go hack around servers to make his life enjoyable.

Server name is the following: PVP\Active Admin\Air Drops(15+ People)\No Admin Abuse\Noob Frie


(User was banned for this post ("read the rules before you post here. missed the hackers report thread." - postal))

It will not happen any sooner with this given information. You should let admin of the server know, That is the only way.

Sorry that i’m the one that’s going to burst your bubble but… no one cares.
There is no one here on the facepunch forums that can help you with your issues.

You should report to the admins of whatever server you are playing on and have him banned.
Also with a little luck he gets picked up by VAC wich in turn makes him pay for another copy or stop playing altogether.

Quick lets input that into… wait… this is all useless info :frowning: