Guy keeeps uploading "DMCA protected" addons to the Workshop!

He knows it’s wrong as he has read my comments on his items and deleted them.

From what I can tell he’s complaining about reuploads and modpacks. Reuploading his stuff to the Workshop is prohibited and is covered by, among other things, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Because he has the copyright to his personal creations.

In fact, this very thing is precisely covered in the very page you linked.

On the other hand, if you’re saying that he’s DMCA’ing servers who legally downloaded his content from the Workshop for use (but not redistribution), then he’s filing false DMCAs and the penalty for that is steep – but the person receiving the invalid DMCA has to file a counternotice, you can’t white knight for them.

But go ahead and keep shitposting on his submissions, I’m sure telling him his mods are cancer is going to encourage him to relax his “rules” on his personal work. That ALWAYS works.

What he has uploaded is just re_uploads of other maps re-nammed. So, does this mean that he is not breaching the workshop rules by uploading someone elses work?

If he’s renaming and reuploading other peoples’ work, then he’s violating the rules.

But the thread OP said absolutely nothing about that, so if that’s what’s happening, it’s kind of an important detail to forget to tell everyone else and still be taken seriously. Maybe the OP should make sure to include all of the important details that make a Workshop submission go from “okay you’re being rude” to “that’s a rules violation”.

Oh and also, he states that just using it gives him the right to take legal action

"Any unlawful re-use of the Workshop item or re-upload without express permission of the workshop author ( natrex2k/stormbreaker ) will result in legal action being taken
against the hosted content. "

He just copied the badge picture; they aren’t actually “protected” since it isn’t his work. Also, the protection would come from Steam workshop, not DMCA.