Guy making a last stand on a staircase

Since I’m lame and this picture is shit have a bonus picture:

this doesn’t need its own thread.

Well, I’d like some criticism on it rather then it being totally blown off in the contest :v:

Your muzzleflash and blood are very shitty, and the stair textures are quite low res compared to even the zombies.

plus some of the bars are really blurred while others aren’t, what happened there?

it’s like, broken Dof.

Because I attempted at making my own DoF.

stop using blood spatter brushes where they aren’t appropriate, jesus christ

That editing’s pretty awful. Most noticeably the muzzleflash.

I really like the posing. Anyway man, as long as your happy with it, it’s good. As for advice? The lights are waaaayyy too blurry. And that picture would look awesome with a grain filter.

The posing is nice, except the guy is sitting up too far, he doesn’t seem wounded, and I’d say his right arm is too relaxed looking.

Just a quick Grain+Blur+Saturation edit in PS. Try making the effects kind of like this

That looks worse.

no, absolutely fucking do not ever do this. it looks like shit and i can’t tell what’s going on anymore.

To be honest, I like the bonus more than the main picture. I do not even like the main picture, I think it looks bad.

Posing isn’t great, and usual the blood editing is terrible.

I like the second pic, good angle and good posing. The editing on the smoke it good too.

yeah 1st pic looks like ass, second is pretty cool tho

dont listen too thos ppl man that noies fitler is the shit man you should have added a lense flair too man that would have looked nice man maybe a shef too man that would be the shit man