Guy playing Gameboy while Vort cleans.

No editing done whatsoever.
I dont like the vort’s posing but it was reaching half 3 in the morning and i couldnt be bothered to fix him up.
Watchya all think?

Good but it feels empty on some areas mostly the outside but ill give ya artistic

Is that Super Mario Bros. hes playing?


Where’d you get the gameboy model?

In this pack.

There’s money on the floor.

Yep! Why did he don’t pick the money on floor? :smiley:

So nice posing

Fix’d :eng101:

Fixed. Correct edition.

urhhmm…about the money…he is so immersed in the gameboy he doesnt notice…plus its fake “I think” (o_0)

In City 17 Slaves (citizens -_-) don’t need money. What should they need it for ?..

Citizens arent slaves in City 17.

God i hate you, your avatar’s nice but u aren’t. Just ignore first sentence…

Ill take that as a compliment. Also, if citizen actually were slaves, why would the guy be playing a Gameboy in the first place? But they would probably need the money for food/drink.

That was joke. Btw, have u played HL2 ? They are getting food, “MRTE” (Meal ready to eat), while mumbling something about “that shit”, “they’re”(Combines) givin’em = They don’t have anything else. And it looks they’re not paying for it.

Also in that same chapter (first), A vortiguant is cleaning, and theres a dollar on the floor, so, citizens don’t need money…


It’s MRE.
It’s not MRTE.

Whatever, i call it mrte becouse it means “cool” (in meaning of “You have cool leg/shirt” )


But if it is MRTE i would say MR T