guy running through combine fence

my atempt at something cool.
personally didnt like the way you cant really see that his face and elbow is partially trough the fence.

im new to the whole editing part but ive been posing for a while.

Cool idea, moderate execution.

I don’t expect that to work out for Nick.

It’s a good texture edit, but you forgot to add the blurring and the glow, and make it like contrast slowly from a whitish glow to blue, maybe i’ll edit and show you what i mean today

very nice idea.
I like it alot actually :wink:

I like it. Nice edit too, but Nick should have more facial expression.

i agree with you dinny he needs more facial expression, and as i said in the OP i didnt like the way you cant see how he is partyally trough the fence. so il make a second atempt and take all the tips in to consideration. but fixing his facial expression might be a problem as im just gonna re-edit it not make a totally new one.