Guy sends an image of a UI tweak to Garry, Garry retweets it. Hired?

Tried to find this posted already, but didn’t see it.
So, Marvin Wilhelm sent an image of a very good looking UI to Garry on Twitter. Here’s the image.

I really like this UI design. I would like them to use it and hope they do.

So yeah, Wilhelm said “@garrynewman One quick UI - Redesign from me, what do you think? best regards from germany”

What I like is the response from Garry. “@marvinwilhelm that is sweet!”

Hope they can work out a deal and make that redesign a reality.

It’s been posted. Amazing UI IMO

One thing:

Alphabetize the damn crafting list! =)

All looks good, but with just one ps screen you don’t have a UI yet.

And i don’t think they’ll throw there weeks of work away because one guy shows this.

It’s nice though (as i mentioned on the real thread)

That makes too much sense.

you´re right! im the designer of this screen. In Real-life im a Web/Designer, so i know theres a big difference between to design something and to implement it into a system. I just want to show the people how a new UI could looks like. (in a very fast way)

I think it is excellent, and I think you should keep being awesome and Stay Creative, It’s Good For You!

Still looks very amateur and boring to me. Compare it to the UI of any AAA game, and it’s pretty ugly. Sure it serves it’s purpose and is (mostly) fully featured, but it’s ugly as hell.

Please tell me this is some kind of super bad joke?

This UI picture is a huge step up from the current UI

very constructive :smiley: so show us some interfaces u like! I want to see some examples that are not “ugly as hell”

It still would be nice to have the theme somewhat related to the scneario instead of looking like the steam overlay, wouldn’t it?

I hope he gets hiree, that ui design, in my opinion, a lot better than what the facepunch devs are doing. Garry/ team, make the right choice :smiley:

He’s probably referring to the simplicity of the current layout. Some people want image based layouts with rusty UI metal/ wood styles etc. but to me yours is perfectly fine. Might be hard to implement with the left armor viewer thingy though - I could imagine a 3D model on a turntable that has the cloth on - IDK if unity is capable of that.
And yes people need to understand that this guy made an amazing layout - but its made in photoshop or w.e. and not a coded thing- would love to see it worked out like this , especially fonts and clean style. Very nice work.


btw a solution to that some want stylized UI’s some want clean UI’s “war” might be costumizability. Image paths that you can edit to add your own UI style- even if it is just simple rusty borders - might lead to more user made content like with DotA or MC’s ui.

**Maybe, although less can often be proven better than more, i’d rather have a somewhat steam overlay design than a flashy one with wood and wines or w/e it may be. just clogging up the screen and confusing.

interested in your response though, would like to see what one could come up with in terms of a more related theme in UI**

“Weeks of work” is irrelevant - there are always improvements to be made, no matter how good the product is. No need to keep the old if something far better is proposed, especially in this early stage of the game’s development when just about every factor is subject to change. Remember how many iterations the GMod UI went through before its finalization?

  1. Awful lot of boldness for advertising simplicity
  2. Simplicity doesn’t exclude a themed design, after all Steam overlay is built to look somewhat decent on every game.

This UI is absolutely amazing. I honestly hope he gets hired. Question to the maker though, Did you get the character image off the internet or do you have all of the images for the characters and is the clothing interchangeable?

Expect its just off the internet.

Making the clothing interchangeable would be simple, just need pics of the character model wearing each main type of clothing taken from the same angle, cut those pics into hat, vest, pants, and boots, make the background transparent and layer the pics over each other so you can have any combination.

This can be extended to include different faces when more character models are added.

this is very good work

my idea of crafting menu is something like this: as soon as u have collected enough resources to craft a metal door, an icon would appear on ur screen offering you to craft a metal door. all u have to do is just press it

it looks like the one we have now, except a man figure;
really wonder if developers liked it, i expected smth more interesting.