Guy shoots a AK74 (Editing practice)


(I know the sheels arnt motion blurred, I isolated them and put them on a new layer and nothing showed up)


Im curious. It that the AK from my 30 AK pack, or the one from the Magless AK74 pack? Editing is nice, except you layed the grain a little heavy, especially for a daytime scene.

The one from the magless AK74 pack

I think it’s one of your magless ones.

Well I hexed that same model in the 30 pack, I was just curious which pack he DL’d.

Grain is excessive, and you could’ve used a better player model than the default one, but the posing of the hands and gun is very good.

Posing is exellent man.

Oh, you can’t blur on a new layer because theres nothing there, you can isolate the shell from the background and copy it to a new layer to edit.

Thats what I did, I isolated the shell from the backround then copied it to a new layer and nothing showed up and the layer, and nothing can be blurred.

Just blur the background layer then.