Guy Standing In A Train Flashing A Light On A Dead Rebel. [First Person]

Sorry if it´s to shitty or dark.

Well…I can’t really much about the posing,but where’s the light from the flashlight? And the dead rebel?

Too much filter rape.
Too much darkness.

Cant see shit.

There´s no filter rape, but yeah, dark.

Needs more zombie.

It isn’t that bad, just dark

Reminds me of that level in Condemned, but still…

I can barely see it.

Incase you´re wondering, It´s a flash light in his left hand.



Nice posing.

It’s very creepy and atmospherically dark but…

… I see no light.

The only thing that makes you able to see is supposed to be from the flash light.

What flash light? Please point out the area that is under the flashlight’s beam.

That was the aim.


But that is where the flashlight is supposed to be.

Nice use of rp_c18

can’t see jack shit

It´s not.

I tried editing a HUD onto it.

I like the first version better.