Guy suicids because Zombies will eat him

This time i raised Graphics to the Max.
Improvements plz.
And i dont know a good idea how I could edit that picture.
If you got Ideas tell me plz.

lol at first when I looked at the title I thought it said “gay zombies suicide because zombies will eat him”

On improvements I guess the faceposing and dof could be adjusted.
Also camera angle should really be behind the zombies.

You forgot to press render

Selfish bastard, he left that girl on her own. “Wait don’t do i-” BANG “Oh fuck”

Render? :wtc:
What do you mean?
Btw hos is posing and faceposing?

Did you do the Dof with super dof in post proccesing? with that you can make dof (duh) and then you need to press render so the dof is not blocky. Verry wel posed. woman: No Harry no… BANG!! woman: Shit. zombie: need woman to eat blerkeblerkeblerke woman: aaaaaaarrrrggghhh jmeusctgeutvgo

:lol: Thx for good ratings.
Yeah i think my posing is quite okay but i really suck at editing i ruin the whole pic over and over again :pwn:

Maybe i should get Gimp but I dont know how to work with it or where i get tutorials.

Horrible posing, horrible blur, horrible zombie duping, why the fuck are zombies recreating michael jackson’s antigravity lean while attempting to nibble on the twats of an emo and his wife? why is the man holding the gun without any fingers around it? why is the woman happy-ish at the death of the only other human alive? WHY THE FUCK ARE THE ZOMBIES WALKING LIKE RETARDS? I WOULD UNDERSTAND IF THEY WEREN’T SO FUCKING BLURRED

Ignore Parson he’s not someone to get your C&C from
the posing is good my only problem is that you used the vanilla CSS weapons try getting a better weapon pack(there’s tons out there)

Wow well that was a destructive rating :sigh:.
Why is posing horrible?(Explain WHAT is horrible so i can improve my abilities)
Whats Blur?(You mean DoF?Than youre right)
Zombies arent doing anti-gravity lean!
If you look closely you can see that the man is holding the weapon with his fingers.
The woman dont look happy.
Zombies are walking like Zombies but Blur ruins the pic!
In some points I agree with you but some i was like :wtc:

Edit: Oh well okay i didnt know that.
Kk ill download a realistic weapons pack and try to improve my editing abilities!

Get the fuck out even if my posing is bad i can criticize what ever the fuck i think looks wrong

He’s not going to kill himself.
He’s going to shoot himself in the head, sure. He’s not going to die, however.
To kill yourself the right way, you have to put the barrel of the gun right up against the roof of your mouth so you don’t miss the brain.

ALL the posing is horrible
…you have to be either retarded or from another planet not to know what blur is.
He isn’t
She does,
“WALKEN LIEK ZHUMBENS” is not suitable when they have their legs bent into their appendixes

Well since he’s new here I don’t want him getting the bad idea.
I actually want to see the best someone can do other than ** YOU** making him quit because your C&C which is most criticism. The picture is nice, the blur is fine it puts the subject in focus you idiot. Have you no idea on how a good picture works?

I dont think everything is horrible.
You want to help me? Than tell me what exactly is shitty at the pic not just say:"OMFG THE PIC IS SO RETARDED!!!1!!
Well i didnt know that O_o

Ty :smiley:
I dont know why he is flaming around here I mean im not a pro but we is he saying that the pircture is bad as hell?

Well, you might die, but you’ll be in a few minutes of excruciating pain.
Oh, and I’d tone down the blur a little.

Actually it’s just fine. In fact barrel on the roof of your mouth is actually just as effective as aiming at your temple

Yeah i think so but when he dont die in 1 shot the logic of the picture fails >_>
Yes i fucked up the picture with blur.
Anybody got a good guide how to edit the pictures so they arent fucked up with blur like this?

The blur isn’t fucked up, it puts what you want in focus so it’s not a technicolor mud

Well k.
But still not perfect is there an editing guide anywhere?
Cause i think ill installl Gimp and than ill need guides cause im a total noob at editing pictures