Guy that lives in a rock - hack or glitch?

Hi everyone,

so there is this guy that keeps going on our nerves on Amsterdam and once he killed me, took my loot and ran away, my partner followed him, we wanted to see where he lives.
And he just vanished INSIDE a rock. Not a cave, just a real rock and we could not follow him.
I made some screenshots of his base and we even destroyed parts of it but we were not able to go inside there.

How is this even possible?[/t]

You saw him when he did open that door, enter inside?
Please put your img in quote, my screen blowed up.

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Sorry, I fixed it. Didn’t know they wouldn’t scale automatically. I did not actually see him enter it but leaving it.

When my partner followed him, he closed the door and came back out that thing without my loot when we killed him. That was weird because there were no boxes or anything inside this tiny house.
And when we were inside it, he just came out of the rock.

Chances are he scattered your loot around while he ran back home, I don’t see an in-rock base being possible.

Colliders in videogames are typically one-way objects. If you glitch your way past the collider boundary on the outside, you can move freely within it, like a hollow shell, and you can simply walk straight back out of it. There have been various exploits to manage to get your player past the rock colliders, which keep getting fixed by the Facepunch team. One such was to place a sleeping bag intersecting a rock, dying, and then spawning on the sleeping bag, past the collider. I don’t know the other fixed ways, but you see the point.

This used to be a common thing in legacy, don’t know if it still works in exp. Like said using a sleeping bag to get in the first time and then just suicide tog get back in. When inside you can shoot out loot bodies or crates that are close enough and even build a whole base in there depending on the side of the rock. Players should report these to admins and any sensible admin would def ban players using this exploit.

Not sure if admin spectator mode can be used to go inside rocks and inspect… There was a fix to a couple weeks ago to attempt fixing the bag bug, but i suppose its still possible on some rocks on guys might be using hax to get in…

There is a glitch where doors can push you inside rocks.

Additionally, one could probably place a sleeping bag deep inside a rock once they’ve made it through the first time.

Night screenshots hurt the eyes :pwn:

Oh and just fo your information: There was a door facing he stone, we just destroyed it to see what is behind.

Well I am kinda glad this does not mean he is using hacks or anything, living in a rock will not make it easier for him to get into my base. :slight_smile:

I hope these issues get fixed some time, maybe some admin can take a look at this on Amsterdam.
The player’s name is something like “Sticky white stuff”, I am not completely sure about how he writes himself, if there are underlines between the name or anything.

Thanks for the answer so far!

oh, well if there was an internal door, that was how he was getting into the rock.

Its still possible to build into rocks. On the server i play (FP japan), the meta is everyone either build into rocks or underground. Using the same method, they place a door in the bottom of a cave, and the door push you under the map where you can build freely.

I admit that i built under the map and inside rocks countless times, but its just boring. I went back into building legit bases, and i cant wait until this exploit is fixed.

Facepunch devs: the solution is simple, the door should not push you when its opened. it would fix 99% of the going inside rock exploits.

or you could have it kill you if you get trapped between a door and another entity. and rocks could kill you if you go inside them.

doors should push people, they are physical entities.

thats an idea, but i think it would result in many random death because you built something too close to your door and you opened it, trapping you between a chest and a door. I dont think opening a door in your home should have enough force to kill you because the space is tight.

right now the 2 more common way to cross a wall or rock is either a door pushing you, or placing a deployed item(furnace, chest) near a wall and being pushed in. If those 2 “pushing” event would be removed it would remove 99% of these exploits.

I agree that in theory doors should push you since they are entities, but it cause so many problem right now. the collider could be removed from the door object just for the time that it opens, and be put back when the animation is finished. that way your player can only “touch” the door either when its opened or closed, but not in between. Anyway that’s my suggestion. something has to be done because the meta of building inside rocks is game breaking right now. Basically every does it, even noobs after 15 hours they learn it from someone and do it too. you walk around the server and you see door next to rocks everywhere.

the problem is that by removing the doors collider while you open it, people could run through a closing/opening door. i agree that being trapped between a box and a door shouldn’t kill you, and perhaps it could purely be that if a player is trapped between a door and an unbreakable entity (basically just the big rocks) that it kills you.

maybe scrub the door kill and just have glitchers die the moment they enter the rock; if they want to use a door to suicide, their call.

Is it really a problem ? honestly, if it allow people to run through an opening door or a closing door, it is not a big deal. It just add a 0.3 second delay of the door closing. It was already opened 1 second ago. as soon as its fully closed 0.3 seconds later, it cant be crossed. its on par with the usual client-server lag i experience. i live in china, i dont have good latency anyway, i woudlnt see the difference. Maybe for people with good connection it would matter, but nothing you cant adjust. You just have to know that people can cross the door unless its fully close, so you pay attention.

Otherwise, i thought about it, as long as moving doors act as colliders, people can use it to exploit.

not really. the only exploit possible with a door is to push yourself into a giant rock. by making it that any player that enters a giant rock dies, it negates the need to add that moment of time where the door is non-existant which could be abused to rush into bases, or shoot players opening/closing the door before they can see anything.

But then I can’t shoot 6 rockets at once out the top of a rock. Volcano Island will be no more. :frowning:

Someone’s posted a YouTube of this in the interests of getting something done about it. He has odd views on jumping on doors so ignore that bit :slight_smile: