Guy that thinks he is safe but he isnt.

Har har har.
Here is my newest picture made with G-Mod on gm_flatgrass and edited with gimp.
C&C plzthxbye.

They’re never safe.

Thats a fact.
Somebody else got a comment?

Title made me lol

My titles are always lolworthy.

btw need more constructive critism about the pic!

I got scared.

Lol dude youre scared by a picture that was shitty edited?

I like it, Pretty badass, I donno why you only got 3 comments.
Posing could use a little work, but it’s fine for the picture.

Your smoke looks awful and removes all the contrast on the otherwise quite decent pose.

Yeah it started lagging like hel because I got so much Effects and props there.
Posing was hard so I did it quick.