Guy walking away from an explosion

Pretty simple picture, was just testing a hack.

Looks pretty nice for a test.

I don’t really like the head on the hack. Nice posing and edit.

I knew someone was gonna post that.

Dunno if it’s just me but his face looks really :expressionless:

That guy just blew up a daycare thats badass.

expected explosion.mdl or whatever it is

Ah, The Lonely Island. :holy:

I think you did nicely :smiley:
I like how you made his gun empty like he was just done doing a hardcore fight. If you where to do another, I’d recommend flying bodies and such everywhere. :smiley:

At that range, the explosion would have knocked him down.

Laws of physics don’t apply to cool guys.

Now, if he had sunglasses, and ginger hair, it would look like an episode of CSI.

Looks more like a giant flameball.