Guy with SG552 tears down a horde

Blood done in photoshop, everything else… gimp

I feel like im always over doing my edits, under doing

Looks good for the most part, besides the fact he’s not holding the fore-grip, and the generic-ness.

The citizen looks really NPCposed, although you may just be an awesome poser. Nicejob though.

That’s a gun I forgot to do. Looks good.

I spy double magazine!

And what’s up with you and zombies?

the zombie behind the main one wears the same outfit, ruins the picture IMO.

I like zombies

Better then solider vs soldier

Why are you still putting your name in the picture?
Your edit here looks quite good. Posing on the guy and zombies is nice.

Incase if someone steals, anyone can steal this


It’d be better with a muzzle flash and resulting lighting, and yeah, it isn’t necessary to put your name on your screens.

Ever since my minigun pic where the title said “Francis tears down the horde” you have made two zombie pics have also been titled “tearing down the horde/zombies”

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Ive been doing that for months

Yes months

Could not think of another title

Where the hell did that muzzleflash go!?

Looking at the blood the inpact must be at that time, or very very very recent. Which means that there should be a muzzleflash.

Still remains a good editing and posing.

I couldnt fit in the muzzle in the pic, it looks like if its overriding the zombie, and it looked pretty bad so i placed with smoke instead.

(Not every shot you fire is going to create a muzzleflash?)

Can I try to edit it? The original that is :smiley:

It looks pretty nice! You’re improving! Though a little more variety among the zombies would be nice!

The guy has a silencer rite?


Very nice ! See you can improve your blood. :3

Well, tearing sounds alot better than Francis, bearing a minigun, shoots into a horde of zombies, thus making their flesh and blood fly mindlessly into the air

Hey, now there’s an idea…