Guys I am learning modeling in gmod can you help me.

This really nice guy gave me the smd file, the .max file( obj)
and the png file, What should I do now to make this become a prop?
If you wanna help me in skype my skype is


Remember that a long time a go you needed help too.

that’s a bit vague description. the SMD is for the model itself and the PNG is most likely the texture, but what’s the OBJ for?

what software do you have?

also screw skype, pretty much everyone here uses Steam instead

I am using 3dmax
I need to make this prop that will be used for one of my addons

You’ll have to look into compiling for source.
Here’s some useful links: (compiling) (compiling) (for the textures)

(Also, not to seem rude here, but if you’re getting all of the files already you’re not really learning anything.)

Oh wow, first you ask for model for free which was modelled for you by Shirky ( )
And now you want people to add you for help, man you will have to learn to do something yourself, people wont work for free just to be “good”.

Start here:

That guides you through all software installation and compiling from raw files into in-game model.

You’ll need to go through some tutorials about compiling models for Source Engine (or just GMod, which uses Source).

You may find the compiling process a bit complex if you never did any kind of modding before, especially because it requires you to know basics of scripting since you’ll need to write your own .QC code.

The good thing is that there are many tutorials about compiling and porting models for Source Engine.