Guys I found something wired

Guys are you kidding me just look this video if you know the map of rust compare it

Jump to 1:53 to be exact

Looks kinda similar xD

Garry are you such lazy as Sergey from Infestation ?

You should only comment if you know what happend with WARZ aka INFESTATION!

no comment ^^

Who cares, seriously. It’s a road.

This isnt actually the rust map. AND! this isnt the final map. remember?


Its not actually the problem that they use the tool its because the map is kinda similar also the road.

NO! :stuck_out_tongue:

They use the default unity terrain system, tree generator and textures so of course it looks similiar.
They have recently started making original assets. most of the first person tools are still free unity objects, they’ll eventually get replaced

A whole lot of the stuff they had in the start are copied from others. Example are the animals. But like Tnomcat said, They are making their own stuff now.

You do not understand my meaning it’s not a Problem its just funny that they are lazy as Sergey from Infestation.

Lazy because the implement things from others as placeholders so there’s something to do as opposed to having nothing at all?

Edit: Looking close It doesn’t really resemble rust map that much, just similar textures which is to be expected, rather have them work on game play and mechanics then making a nice looking + original map. I am sure most of community would agree.

OP, you must be bored.

I can’t see the resemblance apart from the obvious fact they use the same engine.

The game has been released on Steam for us Alpha testers and all you can do is fap off to what you think is a look a like of the rust map.

I hope you get raided. (In-game of course :downs:)

Hard words. i think you are terribly wrong. and there is nothing funny in such accusions.

If you have played on Germany you maybe know Leon and I think I already raided you :smiley:

I see no wires.

Think again… I’m from the UK and only play on UK servers.

What about that was lazy?.. Have you ever worked inside any game engine before and placed/aligned road tiles by hand, that was also more time efficient and accurate then the video you linked?

I’m just somewhat confused to what your personal preference is as you’re apparently more informed and aware of a faster, “less lazy”, and comparably accurate way to approach roads from a development standpoint.