Guys Please Help I need it for Yesterday :/

I need to make this punch bag

You know?
Can anyone make for GMOD please :confused:

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With the Everlast symbol :confused:

50 bucks and it’s yours! That picture is also a bad example, you shouldn’t drop your guard when punching.

xD U talking serriously about 50 bucks?

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Cause I got no money :confused:

No one does nothing without it

Welcome to reality. Most people aren’t going to work for free so if you want a model making you’re going to have to pay.

I’d do it for $20:v:

I know :confused: But you know it make me so mad, Always that I can help I do it for free… People need more Marx in their hearts(Just Kidding)

Here, I quickly made you the model. Its not good, but beggers cant be choosers.

You’re going to have to compile the model and textures yourself though, not everything can be handed to you on a silver platter.

Ty Shirky

Shirky, I am trying to compile but its not working can u help me?
my skype its

Sorry I dont work with Source anymore, but if you post your problems here Im sure someone will help.

Alright, I can compete with this. 19.55$ it’s yours.

Nein. Er ist meine Kunden, Ruck!

I’ll compile it for $3.50.

NEIN NEIN NEIN, I’ll recreate that shit better, compile it, gas some jews, use some chinese for shooting practice and bomb america at the price of ONLY 2.99$! ORDER TODAY!

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