Guys somethings wrong with Bill.

That Bill is a spy!

I don’t get it.

A zombie spy? He’s not dead.
Plus he’s a Vietnam veteran, the most patriotic from that lot, so he ain’t a commie either.

Dead zombies but no bullet holes, blood or shells. I hope they didn’t die from starvation.

Look at his holster.

Unfortunately the picture is so small and Bill is so far away that it’s impossible for me to actually see what’s in the holster. And I wouldn’t even know that there was anything there unless you hadn’t mentioned it.

It’s alright, I suppose.

-First of all, Zoey is just sort of sitting there. She’s not posed at all. For that matter, so is Francis.
-Louis looks like he’s retarded or something.
-You generally don’t want to have to explain the picture to people. Make it a bit less subtle.
-Add some detail. The picture is essentially blank, aside from the ragdolls and their guns.

i only just noticed the many cigarette’s in his mouth. Make it more clear next time.

I think he’s talking about the fact that Bill has the Spy’s Revolver in his holster. (Doesn’t Bill always have a cigarette?)

Yes, but theres more then one in his mouth if you look closer.

This might be what he is going for.

No bill only has one in his mouth.

Zoey’s posing looks only half-done.

Another view if it makes this more understandable and Louis is always out of his head with pills…


I just noticed an issue with Bills fingers and the Zoeys gun clipping her back.

Ah, would have been more clever this way, all of us aren’t as equally fond of TF2 to recognize these little things from far away.

I just noticed hell of a lot more issues than just that.

For one, the posing is horrible.

The wasted space?

Well, the 2nd pic explains it all, but we still have the “crappy poses”, “not enough props” and “why the hell is there a spy in l4d” things.