Guys uhh i need help

So i was banned in rust for using cheats in warzone
i have 2000 hours in the game and i dont know wtf to do i have spend 200$ on skins my steam account is Nectar
i got game banned and im not sure what i should do i have appealed twice and they didnt get back to me so im posting it here

Well, was it a false positive or did you actually cheat?

lol wtf yo stoopid asshle 200$ on skins

no i did not cheat i used cheats in warzone


Well these bans are permanent either way and can’t be appealed, sorry but players that splurge excessive quantities of money on Rust are so common that they can afford a few false positives, not saying that’s the case because you literally admitted to cheating, but usually they say it was their brothers or they were playing with someone they didn’t know was cheating.

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