gVersion - Versions notification framework

gVersion is a simple file that can be added to your addon to notify admins / players if it is outdated or not.

How to use
To add gVersion to your addon simply edit gversion.lua to your likings and include it like so:

if SERVER then
	AddCSLuaFile("gversion.lua") -- Only if you've set gVersion.NotifyClient = true
	include("gversion.lua") -- Only if you've set gVersion.NotifyClient = true

Download now on GitHub
If you are having any issues please use the GitHub ‘Issues’ section.

Your GitHub picture links to the picture, not the repo

Fuck you [.t] tags!

Fuck grammar too I guess.

I wouldn’t really call this a framework…

No I just seem to have big ass fingers “remote”*

I’ve pushed an update few days ago to fix possible conflicts with other gVersion instances.