gvquad_mk2 - An example of applyForce suspension

This spartan little car I made was to test out a pair of new e2s that I made somewhat recently. One was a steering/wheel control system for a four wheeled car, and the other was an applyForce suspension system that replaces elastics and works with just about any weight you give it.

There’s no real interior to speak of, and it’s a very simplistic design. I thought it was interesting enough to merit a post though - I haven’t seen anyone make an applyForce suspension yet.


edit: holy shit i’m not posting about a mech, that’s new

Awesome innovation you have there.

Ah the limitless use of e2

cool. good to see some use of e2 mixed with wheeled vehicles.

also. lol’d at rodeo car.

e2 is cocks on a stick

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damn that looks ugly

looks a little funky, but interesting use of applyforce, I kinda like it.

…The video sucks dude
Would like to see a good video showing good e2 suspension that beats realistic suspension.
I think you have E2 cancer Suspension is made by springs aka elastics, and things that hold the wheels aka axles.

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Wow, that post is quite a mouthful. Let’s go through it sentence by sentence.

Yes, what sucks about it? I’ve never been particularly good with sourcerecorder. It illustrates the concept.

I’m willing to take suggestions on how to make my videos not suck.

Define “beats realistic suspension”. My system is somewhat more modular - I can construct a vehicle of any weight and give it suspension. I can control how rigid or slack the suspension is fairly easily, on the fly.

At the moment, if you fuck up your suspension with ropes/elastics by making it too slack or rigid, you have to pretty much start over. My system allows me to change one of 14 different variables in the chip to tune the suspension. I can also do stranger things like shifting the strength of the suspension forward or backward, or even making it so that the spars are loose, but the body is rigid.

There are a lot of possibilites with this chip.



Eat shit. If I want to use E2 for something, I will use E2 for something.

Ok, so you’re generally unimpressed with my system because I didn’t use elastics?

I’ve made plently of vehicles that did beforehand. I just decided to try something different. By different, I mean “not a mech”.

Hey, at least noone’s accused it of being “simple” so far.

ha, I’m totally impressed by your methodical typing, anyway-

  1. It didn’t appear to be any better than regular suspension in the video- looked kinda rough, maybe if you gave more space for the suspension and made it squishier…
  2. Real suspension… I though it was understandable, suspension isn’t operated by applyforce or thrusters in real life, as hovering things would be- it just doesn’t seem right. But hey it’s an opinion… and yeah elastics work better =D
  3. lol implied as -used for everything possible when regular things get the job done well.Otherwise engrossed with it’s use. Don’t eat me D=>
  4. Well… same as #2
    And God I hate making long replies, next time I just say ok you win

That’s the thing, I can make it more rigid/less rigid on demand. Even while I’m driving the vehicle.

I can cap my suspension’s forces to a newton. I can rebalance it forward or backwards on the fly using a dynamic scaling setup that takes velocity into account.

“Real” suspension has issues with dupe rape and heavier weights. You can’t make a vehicle over 10 tons with suspension in-game with elastics. It’s just too much for the suspension to bear. Also, any sort of imbalance in terms of weight will demolish your suspension.

It might be better, it might be worse. I was just exploring an alternative.

Lol, it looks like the suspension works really well, you might want to make the fenders a little bigger though so the wheels dont pop through as much, or add bump stops.


I can’t say i saw any suspension in that, it just looked like a regular gmod car driving around. Make another video watching it from the side going over things that are meant to test suspension if you care about my opinion.

Care to share the expression?

Now there’s a happy camper, and yeah I see your point. I’m tired of adv. dup. rape to my suspension, even when it’s frozen in the air. Please share the expression =3

Wow Nice, and what map is this?

gm buttes

Not going to happen, sorry.

Hey Moreto - instead of tweaking the shitbox car that was originally posted, I made a new one instead. It still looks like ass, though.

It’s got looser settings, and it is supporting a heavier weight. The entire contraption clocks in a 47,000 weight, with the actual “supported” props weighing 27,000 - the rest is parenting.

Haha, now that looks like suspension! It’s a bit too loose though.