GW2: Extracting hairs.

I recently downloaded GW2 browser because I’d like to extract some hairstyles(see image below). Problem is, there are thousands of files in a long, long list and I can’t find the ONE hair I’m looking for. Does anyone have it/know which number it is?
When I couldn’t find the hair, I tried using 3D Ripper DX and just snag the meshes from my character screen in-game…alas, the hair ends up all black and spotty in Milkshape(which is my pref program, although I also have blender).

I found a lot of other sylvari hairs around file id 41420, but not the one in the image below.

This is the hair I’m interested in:

Also, not as important, but if possible I’d really like to find this one as well!

Try using ninjaripper. (noesis can open .rip files if you don’t have 3DS max)

Just downloaded it and tried and unfortunately it didn’t help a whole lot. :cry: I ripped the model and found the hair, exported it as obj and opened it in Milkshape. The mesh had an odd colour to it so I tried smooth all and align normals, but all it did was give the mesh black spots again, which is the same issue I had with 3Dripper DX… Thanks though <3

Did you try resetting the vertex normals?

No, I have no idea how to do that unfortunately.