Hey everyone I’m coming close to my release of the v5 of Gw_Downtown and I wanted to share with all of you.

The big thing I will be focusing on for the v5 is the sewers and the subway system.

I will give you a few examples of the sewer.

From what you can see in the 4 pictures ive uploaded, I’m trying to follow the dark and dank feel of an old sewer system. I’m also planning on adding soundscapes to it too.

Now for the subway. Its located in the warehouse district of the map. I centered the opening of the subway in a really big and unused portion of a wall in the map. Primarily I had this wall to separate one area of the map with the other. Ive decided to make use of it this way by adding more content.

So if anyone has any suggestions or comments feel free to share. Thank you.


Why didnt you make the subway entrance at the area with the red light that is blocked off with orange pylons? Anyway great work i would love to see a subway/sewer in the gangwars map.

I have an entrance there too.

Theres also another entrance to the sewer that I am keeping secret for now :wink:

Lookin’ good sweety :slight_smile:

Wow. I came in here expecting to see some shitty rp_downtown remake. I am impressed.
The only problem with the sewers that I can see is that the lighting is a bit too yellow.

Looks fucking awesome Shiny. :wink:

Those sewers are looking good man.


  1. A new area, Or two.
  2. No Pawshop Gun Factory.

i dont play that kind off big maps. so my problem is always the repeated textures on that large buildings. like on youre front by the sub entrance i see the same water stain marks on the same place on each pillar between the windows, mayby you can shift that more. and i always find the lack off detail to that kind off maps to big. but i know thats something you cant change to much for the performance ingame. but overall i find the sub and building very good done.

Can’t wait to play this map! love it.

Now that you mention the lighting I think your right. Im going to tweak it a bit. Thank you.

Hey guys if I could get more feedback or would be great. Cmon be ruthless, don’t hold back one now :wink:

I feel like the sewers are to clean.

benches dont match

You mean you feel they dont fit the area?

they look odd
like park benches.
put city benches in there

Yea your right.

Bumpity with new content.

I added new sections to the sewers (without full detail yet)

I have fixed the lighting which was suggested by Rowtree ^^

I can’t tell if you are using light_spots or just lights, try and use light_spots more over lights, the lighting looks more smooth and doesn’t bleed as much as just lights. I’m liking it so far though.

Oh and please finish it! people really like the theme of downtown just the layout of downtown v2 was meh after a while, this layout looks pretty good so far